Meet Huy Hoang

Huy-Hoang graduated from the University of Utah in 1988 major in Health Education and minor Nuclear Medicine. While in college she practices PMU in 1988 in Utah, She is the first to practice PMU  in her community to support her self while she in University. After Graduate Huy-Hoang work for Mississippi Medical center as Nuclear medicine Tech, with stress Huy-Hoang suffering from Acne her self, she acquired her Aesthetic license and started practicing skin care in 1992. and incorporate PMU in her spa.

Over the years, Huy-Hoang has operated diligently with long-term goals and has accumulated thousands of clients. With clients trust, it motivates her to be more cautious and reliable in providing a complete line of high -tech, professional medical grade equipment and reputed skin care lines for clients. Her long-term dedication and studies have given her advanced and diverse knowledge in the art of PMU and science of healing skin care.

Huy-Hoang travel to Poland, Serbia, Italy, Greek, Australia, London, Paris, Thailand, Russia, Dominica Republic, Japan to continue education.
With blessing, Huy-Hoang giving back by providing the quality and affordable for students to learn PMU and Microbladding.

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