Train with Huy Hoang Nguyen

With over 28 years of experience Huy Hoang Nguyen has traveled the world to teach one of the most avant-garde methods in cosmetology. She has taken it upon herself to educate and train others in her specialized classes in Italy, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam,Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. Huy Hoang is not only an artist but a master of Nouvou Contour and Aleksandra Gorecka.

Transform lives by mastering facial artistry techniques. By completing specially designed courses, you can lead a rewarding career that will serve the wellness of others. Spend more time doing what you love than getting stuck with unnecessary classes. Our classes include a comprehensive educational approach which will cut average class times in half. Learn how to gain certification now.

I am a student of Huy and continue to come back for more education. Huy is the best teacher I’ve ever had!! She is so kind and patient and has so much knowledge to offer. It doesn’t stop at the classroom either she is always available to answer questions or concerns that you may have even after taking her classes. I have been a permanent makeup artist for 10+ years and struggled with eyeliner tattoos. Huy said bring in your model and I will help you. Even my model was blown away at how Huy teaches she’s amazing!!!

– Kristina F

Microblading Course

Microblading will be taught in a 2-day live course which covers theory and in-class demonstrations. Students will be supplied with materials and kits for training. Training includes:

3D Hairstroke brows
Advanced brow techniques
Brow symmetry
Blade and pigment Knowledge
Practice training on models
Practice training on latex pads
Home study

3 Day Course

Superbskin Institute offers tailored training in semi-permanent makeup and enhancement techniques. Educating our students with a variety of skill sets will enable them to correct and improve physical defects; we also apply methods of contouring. Apply our hands-on technique with our 3-day permanent makeup course.  Our techniques can be simulated through:

Lip liner
Lip coloring

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